Privacy Policy

At Steel Cyclewear & Coffeeshop we are committed to respecting the privacy of our visitors and taking care to protect their information. Thus all the personal information you have shared with us is kept secure, in order to offer you the best possible service. We will never sell your personal information to other companies. More information on the use and retention of your personal data below.

General information about the newsletter

To subscribe to our newsletter, you must enter your first name and your email address. This information is stored securely by Mailchimp, our GDPR-compliant newsletter sending software. To learn more, please see Mailchimp's privacy policy .

This information is kept to enable us to send you our weekly newsletter. These newsletters present our news, our news, our events, our new projects. This data is only accessible by the Steel team and will never be transferred to an outside entity.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email or by emailing us at .

General information about online purchases

By placing an order on our online store, you must enter your surnames, first names, email address and postal address. This information is kept securely by Woocommerce, our e-commerce platform in compliance with the GDPR. To learn more, please see the Woocommerce Privacy Policy . We use the latest version of WordPress.

This information is kept to allow us to send you your orders. This data is only accessible by the Steel team and will never be transferred to an outside entity.

When purchasing from, you will be required to enter payment details in one of these forms:
– Payment by card, via Sogecommerce (Societe Generale)
– Payment by PayPal, via PayPal

Your payment information is held securely by the two entities above. Steel does not keep any data and does not have access to this banking information. To learn more, see PayPal 's privacy policies and the information below for Sogecommerce:

Payment security is based on authentication of the merchant to the Société Générale system and on the confidentiality and integrity of exchanges. Thus, bank card numbers never circulate unencrypted on the net. To ensure this security, Sogecommerce relies on proven cryptographic techniques and complies with the various national and international regulations. Each transaction is associated with an authorization request made to the CB bank card network, which checks that the card exists, that it is not in opposition and that the account is solvent.

Contact us

For any additional questions about our privacy policy or how we use your data, contact us at .

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